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This site is located on the border of two governance units “Leva reka” and “Boljetinska reka”, which is why it includes parts of springs shaped as funnel and amphitheater, that is, the areas of refugional character. “Tatarski vis” is characterized by natural forest vegetation, which is conditioned by the type of bedrock. In parts of the reserve with the occurence of crystalline schists, it has been developed the forest dominated by two species – Sessile oak and hornbeam (Querco-Carpinetum orientalis Jov. 1967), whereas in limestone areas occur beech forests (Fagetum moesiacae montanum Rud. Jov. 76) with certain species such as linden, walnut and others.

The forest on limestone Fagetum submontanum mixtum calcicolum Jov, Mišić 1967 differs significantly from the forests on silicates by the presence of differential species. The interesting fact is that the forest on limestone is rather scarce because it hardly regenerates in the conditions of shallow skeletal soils with rocks and stones.


Tatarski vis