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The site is located in the middle of the Đerdap area, between the river Pesača in the northwest, reef Štrbine in the south and the Danube in the north. It is an imposing limestone reef of 669 m above sea level, which is also the upper border of the mountain (oak) belt in the Đerdap gorge.

Forest types occurring on this site are Fagetum moesiacae submontanum drymetosum on shallow and skeletal limestone soils, Fraxineto – carpinetum syringetosum on skeletal limestone soils, Orno – Polyquercetum on poorly developed limestone soils and basic silicate rocks, Quercetum petraea – cerris purpureum on acid brown and loess, acid brown soils, Fagetum moesiacae submontanum aceretosum on deep, eutrophic brown soils, Fagetum moesiaceae montanum cerpitenosum betuli on the rankers (humus – siliceous soil) and Luzulo – Fagetum moesiacae montanum on acid brown soil.