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In Europe it is a unique site on which there is a close association of natural history and the history of human society. Among other things Lepenski Vir is the first site in Serbia where the relict species and communities of hackberry and walnut, known as the Celto-Juglandetum Jov. 1967, have been discovered and described. In addition to the most important relict and polydominant community of Celto-Juglandetum Jov. 1967 at the area of Lepenski vir, there are the following relict communities: Carpino orientalis – Quercetum mixtum Mišić 1967, the polydominant community of walnut, hackberry and other species in combination with lilac (Syringetosum Mišić 1968), shrub communities of lilac and Oriental hornbeam (Cotino-Syringetum Vukić 1968) and the communities of Hungarian oak and Turkey oak (Quercetum farnetto cerris Rud. 49).