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roman_empireRoads are the most common Roman infrastructure, characteristic to all parts of the Empire. But those within the Iron Gates Gorge differ significantly. Because of the narrow gorge and steep cliffs there was no space to build a regular road. So the legionnaires had to cut the road into the rock itself and to widen it by constructing a walking path supported by wooden consoles hanging above the river. This undertaking lasted for several decades, starting from 32–33 AD under Emperor Tiberius, with massive works and reconstruction under Domitian and finally completed under Emperor Trajan in preparations for the Dacian Wars. This road was essential for communication, supply and transport between fortifications and settlements along the frontier. Besides its strategic importance the road through the Gogrge eas very important for the pulling of ships which could not surmount the gorges and rapids of the Danube.

The Roma road was largerly distroyed when the modern road Dobra – Kladovo was built in 1961 and when the dam was constructed it was completely covered by water.