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Existing and planned facilities for the proposed Geopark 

Infrastructural center of the present Djerdap National Park, which is planning to obtain the status of the Geopark as well, is the Visitors Center in Donji Milanovac. It serves as the source of information, promotion materials, souvenir shop and the base of the guiding service.

The existing tourist-friendly facilities include museums, marked hiking trails with interest points, cycling routes, sports/ recreation facilities and public events.


– Lepenski Vir Archeological Site and Museum – showing the remains of the Mesolithic culture of Lepenski Vir, as well as objects of vernacular architecture,

– Archaeological Museum of Djerdap in Kladovo – “Danube virtual museum”, part of the National Museum in Belgrade,

– Museum in Majdanpek – Collection of Majdanpek Quarry,

– Pena Gallery> – in the former ship-sygnalling station in the Kazan Gorge.

Marked hiking trails with interest points:

– Mali Štrbac (7.1 km)

– Veliki Štrbac (7.6 km)

– Kovilovo (1.2 km)

– Greben (2,4 km)

– Gradašnica Cave (1.7 km)

– Zlatno jezero (Golden lake) (4,3 km)

– Bosman – Sokolovac (10 km)

Boljetinska reka Gorge (1.6 km)

Cycling routes:

– Danube Cycling Route (EuroVelo 6, Donauradweg) – in two segments: Ram – Veliko Gradište – Golubac – Donji Milanovac (95 km); Donji Milanovac – Kladovo – Negotin – Bregovo (135 km). Detailed local trails are precisely marked on the published map “Hiking and Biking at the Iron Gate in Romania and Serbia”.

Sports/Recreation facilities

– Sports center within the Lepenski Vir Hotel in Donji Milanovac

– Sports center within the Majdanpek Hotel

– Sports center within the Aquastar Danube Hotel in Kladovo

– Marina in Donji Milanovac

– Beaches in Golubac, Donji Milanovac, Kladovo, etc.

– Fishing, hunting


– Ethno-Festival of Eastern Serbia (July, Kladovo)

– Djerdap Regatta Tekija – Kusjak (July, Tekija)

– Folklore Festival “Jorgovan Fest” (May, Miroc)

– Popular Music Festival “Teen” (July, Donji Milanovac)

– Danube Day – on June 29th – raising awareness on the significance of river conservation and rational usage of water resources

– Djerdap Sailing Cup (August, Donji Milanovac)

– Zlatna Bućka Djerdapa (fishing competition)

– Porečki Kotlić (cooking competition)