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What is in the world’s Geoparks is especially important is their main goal – creating conditions for the progress and development of the local environment and the local population. Without the benefits of the local population, the term of Geopark is unthinkable.

Natural and cultural values ​​are the “backing”, but they are not sufficient in themselves. There is a great interest in positioning certain areas of value throughout the world, and Geoparks are at the very top, with enormous opportunities for the development of “Geo-tourism”.

Geoparks are especially encouraged:

– Production and sale of organic food products, prepared locally – for example, honey and bee products, cheese, dried fish and meat, homemade bakery products, dried fruit and herbs etc.,

– Designing, producing and selling souvenirs, modeled on home-made products,

– Organization of manifestations and other events, in order to promote all the values ​​of the local environment, with the main aim of economic benefits for the local population,

An application for the World Geopark Network, Djerdap covers an area twice as large as the territory of the National Park Djerdap. In order to enable the population of the four municipalities (Golubac, Majdanpek, Kladovo and Negotin) to make better use of the benefits provided by the Geopark status.

In the upcoming period, a large number of consultations and workshops will be organized with the residents of Đerdap in a better way to present the opportunities that will be available. We invite you to follow the information and to respond in as many numbers as possible.