Veliki Štrbac

Length: 7.6 km in one direction – Average slope: 20% – Category: Medium difficult trail

The trail begins from the Djerdap state road 35 at a place called Pecka bara at 89 m above sea level.

Walking trail
Veliki Štrbac

It passes through scientifically the most interesting and touristically the most attractive part of Djerdap NP, which unites a large number of natural rarities and values. It ends on the viewpoint Veliki Štrbac at 768 m above sea level, the highest peak of the mountain Miroč.

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The highest peak of Miroč

Veliki Štrbac, the highest peak of Miroc mountain with the altitude of 768 m is a viewpoint where the view stretches to the Danube in its narrowest part, above a dramatic narrow gorge of Dejrdap Kazans.

Due to the natural rare quality and values, the area covering ”Veliki Štrbac” and ”Mali Štrbac” have I protection degree. There are several routes to take you to ”Veliki Štrbac”, best known of them is the marked walking trail across ”Ploče”.

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