Notice to visitors

Visitors of the Djerdap National park have access to several maintained hiking trails: Mali Štrbac, Veliki Štrbac, Greben, Gradašnica, Bosman – Sokolovac, Kovilovo, the Boljetin river canyon, Ploče and Zlatno jezero. With the exemption of the Zlatno jezero educational trail, all other trails are part of a first-degree protection regime and are subject to certain restrictions, i.e. the visit must be organized, controlled and with obligatory accompaniment.

PE “Djerdap National park” is the manager of the Djerdap National park protected area. The law on National parks (“Official gazette of RS”, No. 84/2015, 95/2018 – second law), especially Article 16, exhaustively states the manager’s obligations in performing the National park’s protection and development activities. Paragraph 1, item 16. of the mentioned article particularly states the following: “…organizes, coordinates and plans all types of visits and tours of the National park through its guard service or an educated guide service of other organizations.”

The ordinance on internal order and the guard service (No. 4982 of 26 November 2018) (consent of the ministry of environmental protection No. 110-00-129 / 2018-04 of 20.12.2018) regulates, among other things, the “movement and residence of visitors” in the National park area. Article 8, paragraph 2. of this ordinance states: “The entering, i.e. accessing of locations where a first-degree protection regime is in effect, and of places and facilities for which the National park management plan determines such a visitation regime with the goal of wild flora conservation and the protection, feeding and monitoring of wild animals, is prohibited without the manager’s approval or accompaniment by a guard or other individuals authorized by the manager.”

The supervision of protected areas, as well as the obligations, duties and powers of the protected area’s guardians as officials in dealing with, inter alia, visitors, are regulated in accordance with provisions of the law on nature protection (“Official gazette of RS”, 36/2009, 88/2010, 91/2010 – amended 14/2016), and especially Articles 109. and 110.

An individual guarding a protected area is an official who has the right and duty to identify individuals, i.e. to determine their identity and generals, after which the factual situation is placed on record. He may also undertake other activities in cooperation with members of the ministry of interior, competent inspections and other bodies of the Republic of Serbia. Violation of these regulations is subject to penal provisions, which are established, among others, by article 128. of the law on nature protection: a fine of 5,000 to 150,000 RSD for a misdemeanor shall be imposed on an individual if he or she does not act on orders of a protected area guardian or obstructs him or her in exercising their powers or otherwise acts contrary to the rules of internal order (article 56, paragraph 4).

The law on fees for the use of public goods (“Official gazette of RS”, No. 95/2018) determines the fee for visiting a protected area, its parts and facilities. This protected region also includes areas with special protection regimes, and they cannot be visited without prior notice and accompaniment by National park guards. it is therefore necessary to contact the Djerdap National park in time, allowing us to expediently meet your request and adequately organize a visit to the National park, with mutual satisfaction.

Rules of conduct

PE ”Djerdap National Park” Donji Milanovac, being the management of the protected area, is designated to protect and preserve natural and cultural riches for today and generations to come. Each of us can and should help, by personal example and responsible behaviour, managers of protected areas in preserving natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the following rules of conduct, since our descendants are also entitled to have well preserved nature.


Respect forests, plants, animals and natural phenomena. Enjoy them in silence, absorb memories with your eyes and by using cameras.

Do not break tree branches in forests, especially offspring which will grow into a big tree.

Flowers are prettiest when you observe them in their natural surroundings; therefore, do not pick them.

Do not disturb animals or damage nests. Do not pollute rivers, lakes, brooks, springs.

Use trash cans, and in case there are no any, take your trash with yourself. Leave behind clean nature, just as you found it.

Tread on trails and pathways which are marked and orderly.

Do not forget that noise is not a part of natural environment. Enjoy the sounds of nature.

When you are visiting a national park or any other natural land, behave in such a manner that you do not endanger in any possible way any natural ecosystems, or harm fundamental properties and marks of nature.

Park your vehicles on designated locations and drive slowly when passing hikers and cyclists.

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