Djerdap National Park’s Visitor’s Center

The variety of natural values, rich and diverse flora and fauna, geological attractions and cultural and historical landmarks are what makes Djerdap so unique.

An interactive exhibition

The exhibition in the Visitor’s Center of the Djerdap National Park in Donji Milanovac shows the geological structure of the area, the variety and great numbers of species of animals and plants, the most important cultural and historical landmarks, as well as tourist attractions of the biggest National Park in Serbia – Djerdap Geopark. The exhibits are followed by the explanations in Serbian and English, tactile exhibitions and the Braille Alphabet. Visual, textual and multimedia display of the uniqueness of the area is set to raise consciousness about a responsibility of every man as well as society to preserve their natural environment and geological and cultural heritage.

The photo illustrations of the attractive objects of geodiversity and geoheritage, samples of rocks, minerals, chrystals and fossils in the part of the exhibition dedicated to the geoheritage of the Djerdap National Park in founding, are showing a timeless and unrepeatable entirety and an unbelievable world which surrounds us, and at the same time they are documenting geological wealth of this area. The interactive tactile display of fossils is designed for the blind and sand-blind people, as well as the wider audience with the idea of the visitors “communicating” with the exhibits.

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Visual illustrations

Djerdap National Park is distinguished by a great biological diversity of flora and fauna and the research done so far confirms that this area is one of the most important centers of flora, fauna and vegetative diversity not only in Serbia, but also in the Balkan peninsula. Fish, bird and mammal products, specimens of fungi , insects, herbarium materials along with the visual illustrations show the diversity of the living world in the area of Djerdap.

Here in Djerdap one culture has been replacing the other for eleven thousand years without cease, the fact which is confirmed by almost 40 geological sights since prehistoric times to the medieval times which are represented in international frameworks in the Visitor’s Center of Djerdap National Park. Documentary photographs and ethnological exhibits show a wealthy unmaterialistic heritage and traditional life of people of Djerdap.

At our information desk you can obtain information about using tourist content – visiting panoramic views, using pedestrian trails and you can get multilingual promotional materials. Given that there are no architectural barriers, the Visitor’s Center of Djerdap National Park is accessible for people in wheelchair.

Other than exhibition of the natural and cultural heritage of the area, another crucial part of the tour of Visitor’s Center is a projection of a promotional tourist film about Djerdap National Park (which is synchronized in English and Serbian and has subtitles for German, French, Italian, Russian and Romanian). Within the Visitor’s Center is also a souvenir shop.

The Center is located in the building of PE “Djerdap National Park“ in Donji Milanovac, Kralja Petra I St, 14 a. It’s open to visitors every day from 7 am to 3 pm. It’s also open in the afternoons and on the weekends with previous announcement.

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