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Experience Djerdap National Park in a unique way - by walking to the attractive viewpoints, visiting caves or canyons.

Enjoy in nature
and hiking

Depending on your needs and abilities, Djerdap offers numerous opportunities for hiking that will provide enjoyment in nature, emotional relaxation and improvement of your fitness.

Hiking trails are different in length and slope and are marked with mountaineering markings and information boards. Considering that all the hiking trails, except the educational trail Zlatno jezero, are in the protection regime of the first degree, they are subject to certain restrictions, i.e. the visits are organized and controlled in accordance with the legislation governing this area. The educational trail Zlatno jezero, which starts above the hotel “Lepenski Vir” in Donji Milanovac, is available every day without mandatory announcement.

The Law on Fees for the Use of Public Goods (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 95/2018) determines the fee for visiting a protected area, its parts and facilities. In this protected area there are parts with special protection regimes whose visit is organized and controlled with prior announcement.

Therefore, it is necessary to contact the Djerdap National Park in time, by e-mail or phone, in order to organize your visit adequately. The ticket price is 250.00 dinars per person for groups of up to 10 people, while the ticket price for groups of more than 10 people is 150.00 dinars per person. The guide service is 3,600.00 dinars for a group of up to 25 people. In the PE “Djerdap National Park”, it is possible to rent an off-road vehicle at a price of 6,000.00 dinars. The ticket price for the Visitor Center of the Djerdap National Park in Donji Milanovac, as well as for the Geointerpretative Visitor Center in Tekija is 100.00 dinars for those over 18, and 50.00 dinars for those under 18 years.

More detailed information and announcement of arrival: PE “Djerdap National Park” Donji Milanovac, Kralja Petra I Street 14a.
+381302150070, +381648569393

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