Bosman - Sokolovac

Length: 3,27 km in one direction – Average slope: 15% – Category: medium difficult trail

The trail follows the cliffs above the Danube to the top of Sokolovac (626 m).

Walking trail
Bosman - Sokolovac

It passes through areas of great biological and geological value, which contributes to its attractiveness. Sokolovac, the most prominent peak in the gorge ”Gospođin vir”, has the altitude of 626 m. You can observe the entire gorge ”Gospođin vir”, from Bosman to Greben. There is a walking trail to Sokolovac.

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Fossil remains

There are fossil remains of shells on the plateau wherever the rocks are, brachiopods and belemnits, while the canyon rock towards Pesača is distinguished by the color of the limestone deposits. You can reach Sokolovac by walking trail.

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