Mali Štrbac

Length: 7.1 km in one direction – Average slope: 20% – Category: Medium difficult trail

The trail begins from the Djerdap state road 35, at a place called Golo Brdo.

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Mali Štrbac

It starts at 254 m above sea level, passing through forests of Djerdap NP and ends on the viewpoint Mali Štrbac at 626 m above sea level.

From Mali Štrbac you can continue to Ploče and visit three attractive viewpoints at an altitude of 355 m and then down through the forest trail to the Djerdap state road 35 or take the same route back to Golo Brdo.

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The most attractive

Mali Štrbac belongs to the group of most beautiful viewpoints in Djerdap NP, considering that it is located on 626 m of altitude above ”Veliki Kazan”.

There is an impressive view from Mali Štrbac onto the most attractive part of the Djerdap Gorge, Romanian coastline, where stands the largest stone statue in Europe – Decebalus, last king of Dacians and Mrakonija Monastery at the entrance of the same-called bay, and a forested hinterland. You can reach Mali Štrbac by treading on the marked walking trail from Djerdap highway across ”Ploče” or ”Golo brdo” over the ridge all the way to the viewpoint.

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