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On the World Environment Day in 1989, the Company for the Protection and Development of the Djerdap National Park was registered in the then commercial court in Zaječar with the aim of protecting cultural assets, natural and other sights in the area of the Djerdap National Park. A few years later, under the Law on National Parks from 1993, the Company for the Protection and Development of the Djerdap National Park became the Public Company “Đerdap National Park” with headquarters in Donji Milanovac.

The company was entrusted with the management of an area that was placed under protection in 1974, by the first Law on the Djerdap National Park, because it represents a unique natural, cultural-historical and archaeological phenomenon in Europe and is one of the most beautiful landscapes in our country. The combination of natural conditions and rich flora and fauna, numerous cultural-historical and archaeological values and sights, deserve special attention to the “Djerdap” National Park and have been cared for by employees for 34 years. Almost 200 employees have worked in the Company since its foundation until today. Part of them gained their first work experience here, part of them transferred the experience gained in the Djerdap National Park to other companies or institutions, and part of them went to a well-deserved retirement. Today, about the largest natural history museum in nature, in which the history of nature, especially flora and vegetation, is written on a huge area, from the Tertiary to the present day, and in which there are over 50 types of forest communities, 35 of which are relicts, which are part of six developmental vegetation series , which is a unique case in Europe, concerns 95 employees of PE “Djerdap National Park” Donji Milanovac.

The Enterprise Day will be celebrated in an appropriate way, and as many times before, there will be an opportunity to say a few words about the activities that marked the past year.