Length: 2.4 km in one direction – Average slope: 5% – Category: easy trail

The trail begins from the Djerdap state road 35 on Boljetinsko hill at 230 m above sea level, continues through the forest up to Greben at 119 m above sea level.

Тhe most beautiful reef
in the Balkans

Viewpoint Greben has been called „the most beautiful reef in the Balkans “, at the Geological Congress in Budapest in 1990, and is often referred to as “the geological history book” of this part of the Danube area, for its geological value.

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Nacionalni park Đerdap - Greben1
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Тhe geological
history book

Greben is located in the area of the hill ”Boljetinsko brdo” along the Danube bank. Its beauty and significance are not in its altitude (119 m), nor in its present vegetation, but in its morphology and formations which flourished there.

The Ridge is the speller of geological history of the Danube ocean, which was located between Getikum in the west and Mezikum in the east. From the Ridge, you can see the gorge ”Gospođin vir”, arecheological site ”Lepenski vir”, mythological Treskavac in Romania and the basin ”Donjomilanovačka kotlina”.

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