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A group of students from several schools in Leposavić stayed from the 15th to 19th of August as guests of the Municipality of Majdanpek. On that occasion, they visited natural and cultural sights in the area of the Đerdap National Park and the Đerdap Geopark. On the second day of the visit, about fifty students and their teacher toured the “Golubački grad” Fortress, where they learned about the medieval heritage of Serbia. On the third day of the visit, they walked along the path in Rajko’s cave, where they saw extremely beautiful cave jewelry, of unique forms, and experienced the underground world. In the continuation of their stay, they were guests of the Visitor Center of the National Park Đerdap, in Donji Milanovac. In the Center, with expert guidance, they saw a permanent exhibit on geo- and biodiversity, as well as a section showing the cultural and historical monuments and traditions of this part of the Danube region. The guests from Leposavić walked through Donji Milanovac and viewed the city park and quay along the Danube. The last day, enriched with events and impressions they went back to Leposavić on Kosovo and Metohija Province.