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The study of the origin and history of the Earth has always attracted the attention of people, and there is almost no civilization and nation that does not have a myth about the origin of the Earth. And yet, geology was defined as a science at the end of the 18th century, and since then many disciplines have been developed that have as their subject of study lithological composition, paleontological findings, underground water, engineering geological conditions, geophysics of the terrain… Specialists who deal with these researches have the common name – geologist. Because of the importance of these researches for life on Earth, the International Day of Geologists, September 18th , was established.

The area of Djerdap has a very complex geological fabric and numerous sites of geological heritage, due to which Djerdap was declared a UNESCO World Geopark. Geological research in the area of Lower Danube has been carried out for a long time, and by many famous geologists.

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