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The public enterprise “Djerdap National Park” reminds that 9th of May is the World Migratory Bird Day. This day is designated as a general campaign dedicated to raising awareness about migratory birds and the need for international cooperation for their conservation. From the smallest swallows, slightly larger terns and so on to much larger ibises, these beautiful creatures are becoming increasingly endangered not only naturally, but also anthropogenically. Changes in their habitats, climate change, the increasing presence of people and infrastructure facilities, are just some of the factors that are reflected in the presence and number of birds, but also a change in migratory behavior. Some of the migratory birds that changed their habitat to overwinter began to overwinter in Central Europe, and some reversed migration. In order for the birds to maintain their migratory restlessness, and for us to enjoy the observation, we must work together to reduce the impact and “footprints” on nature.

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