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Vernacular architectural heritage in Djerdap National Park, as part of its rich architectural legacy of diverse functions and forms, has been verified in the Spatial Plan for the area of Djerdap National Park, under the heading SPECIAL MEASURES AND TERMS FOR THE PRESERVATION, PROTECTION AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE AREA OF DJERDAP NATIONAL PARK, though in general terms only. One of the reasons is insufficient and incomplete valorization and the lack of an adequate registry of all preserved forms and types of vernacular architectural heritage in the National Park and the protected area. Basic distribution of vernacular architectural legacy on the territory of Djerdap National Park is insufficiently explored and registered. Field research conducted so far has determined a variety of forms, purposes and types of facilities, their diversity and preservation degree. A number of derelict and completely derelict houses and habitats have been recorded.

The most valuable elements of architectural heritage are found on the entire territory of Djerdap National Park, particularly in the settlements of Brnjica, Dobra in Golubac municipality, Boljetin, Oreškovica, Mosna, Topolnica, Golubinje, Miroč in Majdanpek municipality, and most notably Petrovo Selo in Kladovo municipality.

Invaluable elementary forms of vernacular architectural heritage in the National Park have been preserved and defined according to their purpose, materials, construction and type, and divided into:

  1. housing facilities – houses as parts of villages, hamlets and farmsteads – farmsteads on hilltops, household furniture and movables;
  2. production facilities – watermill;
  3.  auxiliary farm facilities – stable and corncrib;
  4. farming tools and accompanying transportation vehicles etc.

Planning documents drafted by Public Company Djerdap National Park Donji Milanovac envisage the composition and publishing of a Registry – a documentation basis for facilities and vernacular habitats on the territory of Djerdap National Park and the Park’s protected area, which implies data gathering in the field, recording all typical forms and collecting the basic characteristic data.


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