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PE ”Djerdap National Park” Donji Milanovac, being the management of the protected area, is designated to protect and preserve natural and cultural riches for today and generations to come. Each of us can and should help, by personal example and responsible behaviour, managers of protected areas in preserving natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the following rules of conduct, since our descendants are also entitled to have well preserved nature.

  • Respect forests, plants, animals and natural phenomena. Enjoy them in silence, absorb memories with your eyes and by using cameras;
  • Do not break tree branches in forests, especially offspring which will grow into a big tree;
  • Flowers are prettiest when you observe them in their natural surroundings; therefore, do not pick them;
  • Do not disturb animals or damage nests. Do not pollute rivers, lakes, brooks, springs;
  • Use trash cans, and in case there are no any, take your trash with yourself. Leave behind clean nature, just as you found it;
  • Tread on trails and pathways which are marked and orderly;
  • Do not forget that noise is not a part of natural environment. Enjoy the sounds of nature;
  • When you are visiting a national park or any other natural land, behave in such a manner that you do not endanger in any possible way any natural ecosystems, or harm fundamental properties and marks of nature;
  • Park your vehicles on designated locations and drive slowly when passing hikers and cyclists.


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