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The main and potential vegetation of this site is forest, despite the fact that rather small areas of groups of rocks and ridges of limestone hills are dominated by thickets of lilac and other species. Today, the longitudinal vegetation profile (according to Mišić V., 1981) at “Golubac fortress” and at its ridge consists of the following communities: Salicetum – willow belt, Syringo-Carpinetum orientalis Mišić 1967 – Oriental hornbeam and lilac thickets, Cotino syringetum, Vukić – thickets of ailanthus and lilac, Carpino orientalis, Greb 1950, Mišić 1967 – Oriental hornbeam thickets, Fagetum submontanum carpinetosum orientalis, Gajić – beech and Oriental hornbeam forests, Quercetum farnetto-cerris carpinetosum orientalis, Rud 1949, Jov 1961 – Hungarian oak and Turkey oak forests with Oriental hornbeam and Fagetum submontanum juglandetosum Mišić 1967 – beech forests with walnut.


Golubac fortress